At AIA, we strive to offer students a challenging and diverse international program. Facilitated by a professional, specialised and caring staff of teachers, we aim to empower our students to become critical, independent thinkers with the skills to participate actively in an ever-changing global society. We believe that our school curriculum must include learning experiences that develop the whole child.

To ensure high standards of excellence, our curriculums for our early childhood centre, elementary school middle school and high school offer opportunities for our students to embrace learning and succeed academically. International education programmes form the core of AIA’s drive to ensure continued quality of education and adherence to international standards.

Internationally Oriented

The curriculum synthesizes the best of educational systems around the world and allows students to transfer smoothly from school to university. Our school is proud to be dedicated to helping students reach their highest level of success as global citizens.
The explicit aim of Alexandria International Academy is to be an exemplary IB World School and a globally respected centre of educational excellence.
AIA inspires students to be globally aware and to apply their learning in positive meaningful applications wherever “life’s adventure” leads.


Ever mindful of the PYP, MYP and DP curriculum frameworks, our learning programme reflects the multicultural composition of our community and benefits from the rich experiences of each student. Teachers work tirelessly to understand each student as an individual and to design an appropriate learning programme to support, engage and extend the students, personally and collectively.

Teaching and Learning at AIA

The staff of AIA is continuously striving towards new standards of excellence in the teaching and learning of conceptual understanding.
This means that AIA teachers spend time getting to know the strengths and challenges of each student, whatever their age and educational experience. They then plan activities to challenge our students to explore commonly held misconceptions and develop the skills and habits of critical thinkers.
All teachers and teaching assistants are required to participate in all scheduled professional development sessions. Individual mentoring is provided to assist both teacher and teaching assistant to attain excellence in teaching. This training and mentoring focused on professional and pedagogical practice is the cornerstone of our continuous improvement commitment.