Passionate Educators

Passionate Educators

A school can have the best facilities in the region. A school can be resourced with the latest equipment but our single best resource still remains our teachers. Take a moment to think about the best teachers you’ve ever had and reflect on the following:

• Were they passionate and excited about their teaching? 
• Were they knowledgeable about their subjects?
• Are they themselves learners who are constantly developing their skills?
• Did they set up a learning environment that challenged you to think?
• Did they encourage you to construct your understandings and build upon these to make new meaning?
• Did they believe in you and expect a lot of you?
• Were they listeners?
• Did they build relationships built on trust and dignity?
• Were they warm and caring?
• Did they give you feedback which guided you to improve?
• Did they take time out to laugh with you?

Not surprisingly, AIA teachers are all of the above. But this is no coincidence. We carefully hand pick our staff and this is just the beginning. Both expectations and support are high. Yes, we do expect a lot of our teachers and, yes, we engage in a professional development programme which is second to none.
Teachers who inspire? Absolutely. 

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