Middle Years

Middle years (G6-G10)

Building a solid academic foundation, the middle years develop students’ confidence in managing their own learning and making connections between their learning in the classroom and the real world.

Interdisciplinary Units:

In each year of middle years, the school offers an interdisciplinary programme subjects: This is a deliberate tactic to address the reality that as knowledge and information multiply, critical thinkers must successfully integrate disciplinary perspectives to understand complex issues and ideas. Even though the school organizes learning into disciplinary compartments as a response to increasing specialization, our ever-changing world also demands education that empowers people to integrate disciplines in novel and creative ways. This is encouraged through the “Interdisciplinary Unit(s)”. The approach uses the English Curriculum as a basis.

Alexandria International Academy designs its learning programmes deliberately so that all teachers have a shared responsibility for knowing and developing the full potential of the students in their care.
This commitment requires careful dialogue, planning and reflection between teachers and families in order to adapt the programme according to student needs.
The school provides for this through extended team collaborative planning, professional development opportunities and through provision for spontaneous informal discussion with colleagues and parents after school.
Students share and celebrate their learning across the curriculum and across languages during regular assemblies and school meetings. This encourages goal setting, curricular connection, reflection and confidence in the students to express themselves publicly in a variety of media.

Message from MY Coordinator

What is important to us at AIA is to not only develop our students academically but also as whole persons: to know themselves better and to develop skills that will promote their success, for their school years, higher education and also in their professional and personal life.

The Approach to Learning are skills that allow students “to learn how learn, to learn to be, to learn to do”; they use strategies and methods and build their own toolbox that will be useful to them throughout their lives.

It is important the students know how to communicate, research, evaluate information, reflect on yourself and your goals, develop critical thinking, solve problems, organize, collaborate, work in a team, and to have self-confidence.

Students have the opportunity to develop these skills gradually throughout their schooling from Prek to G12 in all subject groups and in a variety of contexts.
The skills are taught, modeled, practised.

At AIA, we firmly believe that through these skills, students are able to develop as responsible, reflective, balanced, internationally minded, informed global citizens who are able to participate in creating a better world with respect for others and themselves.

Ms Claire Mady, MY Coordinator