French Immersion at AIA

French Immersion at AIA

In an attempt to develop internationally-minded young people, it is important to encourage students to be fluent in at least two languages.
At AIA, most of our students are at least bi-lingual. Although, we are essentially an English-speaking school, the primary years at AIA is divided into two sections; the French Immersion and the English.  

In the English section the language of instruction is English apart from the Arabic lessons and the French as an additional language (FAL) lessons. For students wishing to grow with a strong foundation in French, they would join the French Immersion section where they will be taught in French apart from the Arabic and English as an additional language (EAL) lessons. In middle years, all children are taught all lessons in English apart from French Acquisition (equivalent to FAL in Primary years) and Arabic. 

English is expected to be the medium of communication by children throughout middle years. All middle years’ students study English Language and Literature and French Acquisition. For those that passed through the French Immersion course in primary years, it may be that they will also be able to study the Language and Literature course for French as well as English.

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