Technology – Integration for Future

AIA constantly explores the purpose and applications of technology in our community of learners. We strive to use the appropriate latest technology to enhance our performance and the performance of our students.

All students at AIA experience ICT as a meaningful tool in the modern world and use it to experience diverse perspectives, solve problems and express their ideas in exciting media.

At AIA, we firmly believe that technology is often a driver and enabler of learning. Students who are technology minded have an immense range of different opportunities available to them.

In Pre-K to Grade 5 we provide access to the use of school iPads.
We offer the use of laptops as a tool for learning in Grades 6 – 9.
All learning areas are equipped with projectors and/or smart boards to facilitate learning.

There are two fully equipped laboratories. As our student numbers grow, so too, will further initiatives arise through a planned multi-media and Design laboratory.
3D labs with robotics, Lego kids and 3D printing.

Teachers are expected to take initiative to set personal ICT development goals and make plans to consistently upgrade and update their ICT skills. They are also expected to communicate their ICT learning goals and plans with the Coordinators in order to ensure they are in keeping with school development plans and that appropriate professional development is undertaken.

AIA has an active ICT Policy and Procedures document which student, teachers and parents are very much aware of. Our students are ‘future ready!’