Enabling Facilities

enabling learning environment

One only needs a quick tour of AIA to come to the conclusion that our campus is absolutely magnificent. Quite simply, the facilities are significantly better than any other school in Alexandria.

The school has been designed to enable the best possible teaching and learning methodologies. At any given time, you will witness our students engaging with technology, the arts, PE and academics with ease.

Given that classrooms and learning centres are fully equipped with the latest in technology, students are more easily able to develop their knowledge, skills and understandings.

Our beautiful swimming pool, football pitch and huge gymnasium support our PE programme wonderfully. Our libraries, one of which spans 3 floors, motivate students to read for both pleasure and research. Engaging with print and non-print materials is a priority for our students.

The 5 state-of-the-art science laboratories and the Design and Technology laboratory are simply a wonder. This is no coincidence as the school places much emphasis on science and technology. Students love our labs; students love ‘doing science’.

Importantly, our theatre, planned on 2 levels, gives our students wonderful opportunities to develop skills in the arts and humanities. It is, indeed, a beautiful complex.
Our students and staff love our facilities. When you visit the school, you’ll see why!