Working at AIA

Teaching is a rewarding career. However, at AIA, teaching is a magic career.
AIA is a unique school that captures the minds of both teachers and students. It is truly a wonderful environment to both engage in teaching and engage in learning. You see, at our school, we absolutely believe that we as teachers learn at least 100 new ‘things’ a day.

We pride ourselves on learning to learn; hence, we pride ourselves on our professional development programme which aims to develop both individuals, groups and the whole school environment.
But I’ll let you in on a little secret:

This is easy as we have terrific students and wonderful, caring and collaborative staff members.

Together we grow!
I asked a number of staff for their reflections of AIA. In doing this, I was very mindful to ensure that we had a representation of new and ‘old’ staff.
Please find below their reflections.

Mr Jonathan Barford, AIA School Principal 

AIA experience in the words of our team

Stepping into AIA, you can’t help but become entranced by the aura of introspection, acceptance and excellence. The surrounding environment encompasses the true meaning of comfort, allowing all stakeholders to assimilate so flawlessly. The synergy between Administration and teachers is echoed in the classroom, showcasing young talents that are just as self-reflective and collaborative. AIA, in its thriving environment, is a way of life, synonymous to growth.

Ms Samaa

Dans notre communauté AiA, ne ‘se trompe tous “apprenant”, on se soutient les uns les autres, on essaye, en ‘se tromp et on a la possibilité de changer pour devenir de meilleurs citoyens du monde.Nous apprenons par le jeux, le partage et l’échange.
Les membres de la communauté de notre école AIA lui confère une âme particulière dans un esprit d’entraide et de soutien.

Ms Carole

Ms Carole has been a teacher at AIA for a number of years. She teaches in our French stream.

AIA is a multicultural school. It is an inspiring work environment.  Teachers find great support through professional development meetings, collaborative planning meetings and easy to access resources to facilitate their teaching. AIA encourages student’s agency and building lifelong, internationally minded learners. Students enjoy their learning journey at AIA. They learn through technology, research and different learning engagements.

Ms Ingy

Ms Ingy has been contributing to AIA’s education for many years.

Working at AIA has been a truly humbling and rewarding experience. As an upcoming teacher, it is liberating to be part of a community so passionate about not just the learning outcomes but the process of learning as well. Not only that but teachers are walking examples of how we are lifelong learners. Every week we have professional development to better ourselves, share ideas, and learn new ways to engage students in learning – exactly what we expect from our students.

Ms Alisar